Insanity of my parking escapades

Now you will know from my previous blog, that I am challenged in the parking department. A friend of mine returned from New York recently (4 months ago to be fair). She was there for over a year. I spent time with her and stayed at her apartment in the big apple last year, where she refused to let me pay for anything the whole trip. So as you can imagine, I do need to get together with her, and the fact that’s its been 4 months is just pathetic! Anyway after cancelling on a few of her attempts to meet up (I really did have valid reasons), I decided that this time, I would have to make the extra effort. So when she invited me to dinner at the local steakhouse I realised I had to go. BUT as you know my car sits parked and unused in the neighbours’ back yard because I can’t seem to park it every night. So on the day of the event, I called another friend in the group, and asked him to pick me up from home. Now this friend is the type that never says no without a valid reason. so when he said it was a bit out of his way to come through, I was left scratching my head. The steakhouse was only 2kms from my house, that’s hardly a drive. He has driven behind me for 40kms just to make sure I got home safely before. Next, I phoned the NY friend, just to confirm the venue, and it was the steakhouse in the next town… Just my luck. I wouldn’t be able to get a lift from anyone! So I just had to suck it up and use my car. But how would I park it back in the yard? Leaving it outside was just not an option in my neighbourhood. It was almost certain to be stolen my the next morning. So I got smart, and called my armed response company, got them to meet me at my gate, because I was scared of entering alone. And I literally got a security guard to direct me to park and I got my car back into the yard. Can you imagine the lengths one has to go to to make up for being spatially challenged!!


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Completely parking mad

Hubbys is out of town for the month, and I am home alone, completely alone, for the first time ever! So I am left with the dilemma of how to get to work. Luckily a colleague that shares my cubicle lives relatively close to me and has agreed to pick me up every day. And yes, this is mudune stuff, so why am I bothering to blog about it?? But the ensuing story is just so hilarious it has to be shared.

The guy who is picking me up is a very religious muslim man, with an equally religious wife. Now I’m talking full beard and covered face variety. So if you know much about
Islam, you know that men and women arent really supposed to socialise together. So the fact that he is picking me up is very agianst the grain to begin with. On the second day of travelling together, he was relating the story of how his wife questioned him about it.

Wife: So why are you picking up the girl everyday?
Husband: Because her husband is away on work.
Wife: Ok… So does he usually drop her off everyday?
Husband (in a perfectly innocent voice): No, she comes with her own car.
Wife: Ok… So is her car in the shop or something?
Husband: No, it’s parked at her house.
Wife: So why do you have to pick her up then? Can’t she drive to work on her own as usual?
Husband (laughing so hard he has tears in his eyes): No, she cant park

So yeah, apparently my lack of parking perception caused the couple to double over in laughter. In my defense however, I can park, it’s just reverse parking up a makeshift driveway, trying to squeeze past a tree into an oddly placed gate that I can’t do (our flat doesn’t have parking so we squeeze into a neighbours yard)

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